Frequently Asked Questions

Who do concessions apply to?

Concessions apply to students, teachers, NHS, serving military, social workers, carers and emergency services.

Can we choose our table?

When you book seated tickets a table is automatically reserved. However due to the cabaret layout of the venue we don’t have the system to allow customers to choose their table. We will make sure parties are not split up and ensure all tables have a great view.

Is there a booking fee?

If you book over the phone or online using a debit or credit card you will incur a non-refundable £1.50 booking fee per ticket which is capped at £15. There is no booking fee if you come to the venue and pay in cash.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds. If you let us know in advance we can transfer your booking to another date.

Do you make provisional bookings?

You can pay a non-refundable deposit of £5 per person to hold a table. Payment of the balance is required 48 hours before the show date.

Can I pay on the door?

If we are not already at capacity you can pay on the door. Although we do recommend you book in advance. You guarantee yourself a table and it’s also cheaper!

Do you issue physical tickets?

We don’t issue physical tickets for environmental purposes. Just give the name you booked under at the door, you will be on the guest list.

What is the age limit?

We are an over 18s only venue. Anyone who is or looks under 25 will need to show valid photo ID for entry such as a driving licence or passport.

Can I heckle?

No! You might think heckling is part of stand up comedy, but not at the Frog and Bucket. Comics will generally interact with the customers and that’s fine, but interrupting an act and throwing insults is not cool. If we find that a party is disrupting the show for everyone, we will ask them to leave.

What is the dress code?

We don’t have a dress code at the Frog and Bucket. Jeans are fine. The only thing we don’t allow are football shirts and any fancy dress that might block the sight for other customers, so sorry no top hats!

Can I take photos?

You can’t take photos while the acts are on stage but we’re happy for you to take photos during the break. You can even tweet them to us @frogandbucket! Why not upload your photos to our facebook page.

What are the house rules?

During the show please keep your phones switched off or on silent. If your phone rings during the show the comic will answer it for you and you may suffer extreme embarrassment. Please keep chat to an absolute minimum while the acts are on stage, we have a couple of intervals throughout the night so do your chatting then. Anyone deemed to be disturbing the show for other people will be asked to leave without refund and anyone deemed to be too intoxicated on arrival will be refused entry.

Do we allow group bookings?

Yes of course – the more the merrier! However same sex parties of 10 or more are required to pay a “good behaviour” bond on the evening. This is £10 each cash to the door team, providing there are no disruptions during the show you will receive your £10 back at the end of the evening. If there are any disruptions, everyone loses the bond.

Can I use electronic cigarettes?

You are not allowed to use electronic cigarettes inside the venue. It is still illegal to smoke inside the venue, however you can go outside to smoke during the intervals.

How do I perform on stage?

Most people will start at our weekly new act competition called Beat the Frog, for more information see www.beatthefrog.com

If you are a professional comic you should contact us at info@frogandbucket.com

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