Beat the Frog

The Best Open Mic Comedy Night in the North West

History of Beat the Frog

Beat the Frog is our legendary amateur comedy night, taking place each and every Monday. There have been a few name changes over the years including ‘Raw’ and ‘Best of British’. We introduced the current format of the Beat the Frog as we know it back in 2003. Over the years some of comedy’s biggest names Peter Kay, John Bishop, Jack Whitehall & Johnny Vegas to name a few, all tried their luck and never looked back.

How does it work?

The audience decides who stays and who goes. An established compere introduces up to 15 acts who are competing to last 5 minutes on stage without being carded off by at least 2 out of the 3 chosen card holders in the audience. If they last the full 5 minutes – they have “BEAT THE FROG”.  At the end of the show we invite all the acts who are successful back on stage for a clap off to award the night’s winner. Then, we put one winner from each week forward to heats in October. This results in an annual final known as the ‘World Series’, where we crown one overall winner for the year.

As of 2015 we now have 3 prizes up for grabs. The Main Prize (made up from audience votes), A Panel Prize (made up from respected industry voters) & Runner Up. Each with its own unique trophy.


The World Series finalist wins a paid position on one of our lineups, plus a cash prize and substantial press coverage. We monitor winners closely for progression to a Thursday middle spot of 5 minutes. We also send feedback to national comedy talent agencies and bookers for other clubs.

I think I’m the next Peter Kay

A new Beat the Frog website is currently in development so if you want to grace our stage and follow the footsteps of many legends then please email [email protected]

For spots please use this FORM

‘I got into comedy completely by accident. When I went along to the Frog and Bucket for an open mic show, I only meant to watch… I’d never been on a stage before and I was shocked by how bright the lights were. I couldn’t see anyone. And I only had one joke… At least four of them chuckled. That first laugh, it’s like losing your virginity – it’s not perfect and you know you’ll get better but you’re completely bitten by the bug.’ John Bishop, 2000
Jack Whitehall warming up the audience in 2015

Jason Manford hosting Beat the Frog with then winner David Longley
Dan Nightingale, Hayley Ellis and Ed Easton
Peter Kay circa 2005

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